Certified Service from Yamaha Motors

At Sandy Hook Yacht Sales

As a trusted name in the boating industry Yamaha offers the finest outboards and service. Yamaha motors are the leaders in performance. Treat them right and your boat will reward you with years of superior performance.

Quality matters when you’re on the water, which is why Sandy Hook Yacht Sales offers Certified Yamaha Technicians to maintain your yacht. These specialists have gone through rigorous training from the manufacturer to be able to offer Yamaha-authorized service that keeps your motor in pristine condition.

Outboards face harsh conditions whether you cruise on the bay or the high seas. High load, high-RPM operation, extreme temperatures, humidity, saltwater, sun, and long winter seasons can place a heavy toll on any outboard. Proper maintenance is vital to preserve the quality of your outboard and the value of your yacht. Maintenance doesn’t cost a fortune, and the financial outlay is well worth it so your boat is ready to go whenever you are.

Avoid Hassles on the Water with Yamaha Service

The Yamaha name is synonymous with durability, performance and excellence—and so is SHYS. Our mobile repair service and Certified Yamaha Technicians ensure that your yacht receives the very best care…anywhere. We do things right the first time, every time, so your yacht is always in pristine condition.

Schedule yacht maintenance on your Yamaha motor today. If you have any questions, give us a call at 732-530-5500.